7 Chakra/ Om 24" Hanging Bells

7 Chakra/ Om 24" Hanging Bells

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7 CHAKRA HANGING BELLS:  They have the power to heal the deep issues and bring good health, prosperity and happiness in life. Each 7 Chakra stone has its own power and unique healing property. Some are best for resolving family and financial issues and love problems, while others are best suited for wealth and prosperity in life.  The sound of a hanging bell removes the negative energy from a place and helps in purifying the place. Metal bells at the entrance of your house attract peace, tranquility and good luck for the people of the house.

OM:  Om is an ancient mantra representing the power of being infinite.  'Om', 'Aum', or 'Ohm' is considered a sacred sound of the universe in Hinduism. When pronounced, Om creates divine vibrations that further energize the body's chakras, especially the crown chakras and the third eye. 

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