Crystal Frost White Singing Bowl

Crystal Frost White Singing Bowl

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CRYSTAL FROST WHITE SINGING BOWL:   Crystal singing bowls have the ability to slow your brain waves patterns creating more delta waves.   These are the dominant waves present during your sleep. In this way, singing bowls can help bring deep sleep by releasing stress and mental noise.  They are used in sound healing, yoga, crystal cleansing and specially used at the beginning and end of meditation.  Some experienced practitioners believe that crystal singing bowls, when played in the right way, can produce the most calming and healing sounds.

DISCLAIMER:  You can use singing bowls as a complimentary therapy and not the only therapy.  It's not a good idea to delay other treatment or therapy if you have a diagnosed condition, just to use the singing bowls.  There is a growing body of research that sound therapy using singing bowls can benefit some mental and physical conditions.  The most evidence is for relaxation, especially if you use the bowls in guided meditation.  Sounds may affect every person differently.  Some people may feel energized and some may feel tired, nauseated or dizzy.  It just depends on the person's individual concerns and what transformation was made during the session.  Due to exposure to certain frequencies or vibrations that are too intense or unfamiliar to the individual's system.  There are a number of precautions against using singing bowls in some circumstances, like during pregnancy, if you have epilepsy, or if you have any metal devices in your body.  Be sure to consult your doctor about any treatment you'd like to try, including the singing bowls.  Note:  You play the instrument of the singing bowl at your own risk.

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