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Dreamcatcher - Round Web 6.3"

Dreamcatcher - Round Web 6.3"

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DREAMCATCHER: The purpose and meaning of dreamcatchers vary depending on the colors used.  White- are used for hope, pureness, relaxation, and meditation, calmness, and tranquility, are best fit for rooms where you rest and want the energy to flow in harmony.  They are good luck charms that reflect positive energy and aid in the neutralization of negative energy whether you are awake or asleep.  For the most effective results, the dreamcarcher should hang above the crib or bed and may be exposed to sunlight.  It functions by filtering the good dreams from the bad dreams; it captures bad dreams and only allows good thoughts and dreams to enter the unconscious mind.  Their purpose was to protect sleepers, especially children, from bad dreams, nightmares and evil spirits.  

DISCLAIMER:  A dreamcatcher merely protects the spirit from the long term negative effects of the bad dreams.  If your dreamcatcher is not successful in keeping your bad dreams away - don't worry.  That doesn't mean it is broken or defunct.  Much like our own energies, a dream catcher's energy needs to be reset every once in a while.  You may choose your cleaning and recharged method, with.... sage, incense, soapy water or sacredly blessed.  The choice of color is subjective as every color has its own meaning.  Remember the variation in shapes is symbolic and very personal to choose from as it will add more meaning to the dreamcatcher.  When personally hand made it is a huge value to both, the creator and the receiver.  Each individual enjoys its own dreamcatcher at their own freewill. 

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