Spring Black Cage Pendant

Spring Black Cage Pendant

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SPRING BLACK CAGE PENDANT:  This Cage Pendant uses the shape of the Spiral to hold your Tumble Stone, Gemstone or Spheres that you add to it and more.  Cage Pendants are a great way to personalize your Jewelry.   Change your Aesthetic, and alter the energy that you carry with you through the day.  Create your own Gemstone combinations and surprise your loved one with a personalized one. Open up the spring cage and put your crystal inside to turn your favorite stone into wearable energy.  

Cage pendants are a perfect way to wear or display small tumbled stone, small gemstone eggs,  mini beads or small gemstone orbs.  They also give you the ability to add or remove items from the pendant as you see fit.  Cage Pendants can be worn as jewelry or hung in an altar space or gemstone collection as a way of displaying stones more dynamically.  You can add or remove items from your spiral cage pendant by gently pressing them between the layers of the metal swirl.

Warning:  Please take care not to stretch the cage out of shape, as this will prevent it from holding items properly.
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